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“Movement is the Real Medicine”

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

This video is intended to alter our global approach to health care.

No more fear of food, no more fear of socializing or participating in life.

When we become strong through daily actions, we become resilient and fearless of all disease.

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In my opinion, any political conversation or global discussion about health care will need to prioritize the lessons of this video if they intend on making any real impact on our society.

Please spread this video to progress our culture in a positive direction.
-Dr. Neal

©2013 “Movement is the Real Medicine” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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Facebook and Twitter

Sunday, May 15th, 2011


hey everyone,

I’ve finally made a Facebook page to capture and share the movement that is happening at The Acne Practice. This Facebook Page will be dedicated to the movement of shared testimonials that is giving hope to millions. I will also be utilizing The Acne Practice as a platform to introduce an entirely new system of medicine that is neither based in the cookbook approach of Western medicine nor the wait and see approach of Eastern healing. This new paradigm of medicine will be geared to tackle all chronic inflammatory ailments of the human body. (and of course prevention of such imbalance)

It will be a movement and I intend to spread the success I’ve had here at The Acne Practice into all of modern patient care.

If you want easy updates from the blog and the movement to your Facebook Newsfeed, you can hit the “Like” button at the top of the new page:

The Acne Practice: The Movement

Promote Your Page Too

I’ve also created a Twitter page and intend to use this medium as a platform to press my fury and strongly held opinions on public healthcare, personal accountability, healthcare reform, the concept of stress, nutrition, and ultra-fitness.

Screen shot 2011-05-15 at 6.09.36 PM

Here’s the summary of the many passionate missions here: The largest and most detailed acne gallery ever assembled to prove that all acne is treatable and preventable without oral medications. (mission accomplished in 2010) Mission #2: Expand the delivery of this innovation in a way that reaches all who need in every language. (news on the expansion coming soon!)

Facebook: a page dedicated to the movement of clients reaching out to give hope to others who are still endlessly suffering. Also, a place to introduce a novel systematic approach to medicine that is neither based in Western nor Eastern philosophy.

Twitter: A platform where I can release my strongly held stances on public healthcare, health consciousness, fitness, accountability, the art of wellness, nutrition, and the general concepts of innovation and possibility.

If you feel passionately about the declining health of our community and can’t stand to watch pessimism and confusion cloud up the internet, come join me in what will likely be an interesting ongoing discussion.

-Dr. Neal

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Baffled by Prior Failure??

Monday, January 18th, 2010


I propose a New Law that requires all Acne companies to post this warning with every advertisement in the same way the drug companies are forced to mention potential side effects in their commercials.

It is the irresponsible smiles of the Acne commercials that leaves people baffled and bewildered by their own failure.  They are irresponsibly making acne seem easy to beat.

To display what I see every week in the office, I will lay out the exact emotional phenomenon as it repeatedly unfolds.

We’ll use “John” as an example…

1)   John views widespread commercials showing happy people with success over a real medical condition.

2)  John buys the product as a “consumer” with the expectation that it will work as it did on the commercial.  His only responsibility in this “consumer” relationship is to pay for it and follow the instructions.

3)  John uses the product exactly as directed.

4)  John uses it patiently, “hoping and waiting” 2-3 months as directed.

5)  3 months later, John is angry that he still has bad acne despite perfect compliance.   John begins to lose trust and hope.

6)  John’s expectation was very high solely based on the commercial, and his experience did not meet his expectation.

(It is our expectations that determine our satisfaction.  In this case, John is very upset and will be slower to trust any company in the future.)

Why did John get so upset??

The exact reason John is upset is because the company who ran the infomercial did not mention that over 60% of people using their product do not get the results seen on the commercial.   And even more upsetting,  John was never told that the people themselves in the commercial were wearing makeup and altering the lighting to make the results seem great.

This upsetting phenomenon is happening every day to millions of people.  I am often left to pick up the emotional pieces in the aftermath when people come to the office or contact me online.

I believe it needs to stop, as the emotional results can be devastating to our whole community.   A society of distrusting, hopeless people who are angry at all big businesses for selling false hope.

In the world of beauty and fashion ads,  people have forgotten Acne has always been, and will always be, a medical condition that often times requires help from an expert practitioner.

To correct this widespread problem, Here is the legistlation I propose:

1) All Acne marketing be treated like prescription drug marketing as these products are also dealing with a medical condition.

-With this new responsibility will come the requirement to use zero makeup and zero camera or lighting alterations.

2)  All Acne companies are to be required to specifically disclaim the variablity in their results.

For example:

 “Results may vary. If not improving, please seek other alternatives as time = scarring

When a “Customer”  fails in this new scenario,  It causes much less anxiety to know the failure is more “the norm” than a special, unseen “affliction.”

Bottom Line:

Although always treatable, Acne is not always simple to fix.

There needs to be a higher level of accountability to get this message across while still giving hope to those who need.

Simple Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid regimens have failed millions of people  (i.e. your case is not special)

When responsibly communicated.., those who fail will be less likely to self-victimize themselves as a special, untreatable case.

In a related conversation:

Are you Baffled that your dietary changes did not fix your skin??


When dietary strategies are hyped up as a “solution” for acne, maybe there should be some awareness of the warning above…?

In the conversation of “First do not harm”,  I’d like to emphasize the idea that reckless and irresponsible promises often cause real emotional wounds.

Proper Accountability and Responsibility is the key to prevent future needless suffering and self-victimization.

Acne commercials need to be held accountable for the emotional problems they have helped create,

-Dr. Neal

©2010 “Baffled by Prior Failure??” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

2 Responses to “Baffled by Prior Failure??”

  1. Darren Elkins Says:

    awesome blog post! so true.

  2. Andy Says:

    I was just wondering if you could also help with the chronic scalp acne condition (antibiotics clear it up fast, but it always comes back)? Please let me know.

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