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A Day in the Life of The Acne Practice

Friday, June 7th, 2013

The movement is rocking this month with multiple contributions from all over the world.

Today’s video details the journey of an international client in Dr. Neal’s Acne Bootcamp.
(also treated for seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea as well)

follow See one, gain hope, get inactivated. Then make one, and give hope.
(That’s the movement of The Acne Practice)

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  1. Allison Clark Says:

    This is a really inspirational video. I wish this man tons of success and joy! Thank you Dr. Neal for being so dedicated. Hope is priceless. More people will find it because of these videos.

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Dr. Neal’s Rosacea Bootcamp™

Sunday, August 21st, 2011


hey Everyone,

In a prior post entitled “The Epidemic Misconception of Rosacea”, I mentioned that many highly motivated people with a classic presentation of rosacea are still failing the standard of medical care.

Today, a thoughtful client has contributed to the movement with before and after photos of her long standing Rosacea. Please show this video to your doctor to get everyone up to speed on what is now possible beyond the cookbook algorithm of metronidazole, tetracycline, and other Rx topicals.

buy any kind of assignment Original email inquiry:

Hi Dr Neal,

I wonder if you have success at treating rosacea like you do with acne.

I’m 51 and have had continual rosacea for about 3 years. Looking back, I remember bouts of ‘weird acne’ that I now know were rosacea. When my son was born (now 19) I remember a patch on my chin.

It’s getting worse. When it began a few years ago, I would get a couple of new spots (on cheekbones or nose), then have a few quiet days, then a couple new spots, a few quiet days etc. Now there are new spots every day and the places on my cheeks which are prone to rosacea are getting larger. I’m starting to get spots along my upper lip. I used to only get spots under my nose on the right side, but now it’s moving over to the left. A patch is starting on my jawline.

I eat well (organic vegetables juiced every day, nearly vegan diet, minimal sugar), meditate, exercise all the time (xcountry skiing, road bicycling, Bikram yoga (I had rosacea before I went to Bikram, so it’s not the heat), hiking, regular yoga) ..I don’t know how I could improve my lifestyle. Well, I do eat chips sometimes!!

I’ve tried special soaps, jojoba oil, Rosacea-Ltd-III mineral conditioners, essential oil therapy, and am now using a 1% Dalacin antibiotic treatment, all to no avail.

Can you help? Thank you so much

ps I also get the associated blepharitis on and off.

She used the Mild Starter Kit.

Thanks to her generous contribution, the movement continues today.
-Dr. Neal

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The Epidemic Misconception of “Rosacea”

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011


You may notice as you browse this site that I always place quotes around the term “Rosacea” whenever I speak of it. The reason is because, in my opinion, there is no other inflammatory facial condition that has been misdiagnosed and mismanaged as frequently. Not surprising is the global pessimism, retirement, and depression surrounding a condition that is fumbled with as the standard of care.

The scary part is that most of these diagnoses and treatment attempts are coming from the most credentialed board certified dermatologists around. When a consensus of real experts are seen as off-point so often, it has to be considered that there is not only a diagnostic inconsistency, but maybe one of a semantic discrepancy…? (i.e. doctors are calling anything that is red rosacea as a “working diagnosis” to introduce treatment attempts. This idea would be reasonable except…, the diagnosis itself often times creates a self-victimizating mindset which can then perpetuate the spiral of hopelessness.)

When I make an adamant stance on this blog, I’d like it to be understood that these expert opinions are being made within the reality that there is no right and wrong in the world of art, and that medicine is certainly not a hard science. The “standards” of westernized medicine have accidentally mislead many people to believe they are speaking in fact rather than outcome statistics. Given that I’ve spoken to thousands of people who are needlessly suffering from “Rosacea” despite treatment at this time, it seems appropriate to both challenge the standard algorithm and to give insight into the treatment of skin that is inflamed, red, flushing, and uncomfortable. As always, these opinions have not been generated from any form of solitary imaginative thinking. Rather, they have been derived from paying extremely close attention, succeeding in the most hopeless clinical situations, and of course, video taping the results.

I will break this important post into two main categories. Those who have been misdiagnosed with “Rosacea” and those who have been accurately diagnosed yet still have failed the standard of care.

money doesn39t buy happiness essays 1) The Epidemic Misdiagnosis of Rosacea:

If your skin is red, raw, irritated, has broken blood vessels, has sensitivity to light, spicy foods, alcohol, and heat…., you will probably get a diagnosis of Rosacea from many primary care physicians and dermatologist alike. As mentioned above, they may be using this diagnosis as a quick “working diagnosis” to initiate attempts at treatment.
Here’s what physicians and patients are not taking into consideration when making this diagnosis:

-Oily skin alone can cause all these symptoms also.
-Acne prone and inflamed skin from acne can also cause these symptoms.
-Seborrheic Dermatitis causes all these symptoms as well as eye irritation. (there is also an epidemic misdiagnosis of ocular rosacea) Read this part closely:
-Oily skin causes Seborrheic Dermatitis. (a chronic skin thickening and sensitivity due to oiliness or what is called “seborrhea”)
In a high maintenance patient, Seborrheic Dermatitis will not have the classic scaled and thickened appearance because this patient is constantly removing the flakes every day. Instead, they will present with only red, sensitive, flushed, uncomfortable skin. This presentation is not easy distinguishable on physical exam from rosacea and the misdiagnosis and lifetime treatment failure are driving millions of people crazy.

online vs traditional shopping essays Here’s a very important sidenote to prevent any new self-vicitimation after hearing the diagnosis of Seborrheic Dermatitis:

All oily-prone and acne-prone patients are also prone to a bit of thickening and seborrheic dermatitis. This diagnosis is simply descriptive and in no way dooms people. It’s tricky, but like acne, is always treatable as proven in the redness videos on the home page. I refer to this type skin as “troubled skin” to avoid the emotional pitfalls of hopelessness that are generated from labels and diagnoses.

chat room for homework help 2) Those with Classic Rosacea who are still suffering:
If the diagnosis of Rosacea has led you and your doctor to a victory over your facial inflammatory ailment, I’m very glad to hear it. This section of the post is for those who have the classic and obvious diagnosis of rosacea yet still have not achieved inactivation despite going deep into the 20 year old algorithm of topicals like metronidazole, antibiotics like tetracycline, and finally isotretinoin. What is important for this group of sufferers to know is that all inflammatory conditions of the face and body are treatable. Inflammation only propagates for years when improperly treated. Let it be known worldwide that the classic rosacea treatment algorithm has helped millions and failed millions. Do not be baffled or depressed if your rosacea is not responding. It happens all the time. This condition is also completely treatable in this practice. Feel free to send your story and focused photos if you’ve tried “everything” and still need some help with it.

This post is intended to be read by both confused patients and practitioners themselves.

follow To the passionate doctors of the world,

“Please hesitate before dooming someone with the misdiagnosis of Rosacea. All that is red, sensitive and irritated is not “Rosacea”. Here’s some tips that will prevent the misdiagnosis:

project management homework help -Tip #1: If a patient has a history of acne, oily skin, blackheads, and sensitivity issues, consider you are working with an acne-prone skin manifestation we call seborrheic dermatitis. -Tip #2: Many patients with Seborrheic Dermatitis won’t present will scales because they are diligently removing them in a desperate effort to get clean.

Furthermore, when confronted with a real case of classic non-oily rosacea, think twice before ending the management of it after the basic cookbook algorithm is exhausted. These chronic conditions sometimes take more touch than knowledge. We know they don’t really teach the art of medicine in medical school. It’s something that needs to be indulged and cultivated by each and every passionate practitioner.”

The Acne Practice video project represents much more than just an acne solution for those who have become hopeless.

In a world where Acne, Rosacea, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Low Back Pain, and Heartburn are not curable, I’m introducing and illustrating, in high definition, a completely new medical treatment paradigm that is a step forward from the approaches of both traditional Western Medicine and ancient Eastern healing. I will be detailing this new medical paradigm for all chronic ailments in a future post which will break down the history, strengths, weaknesses, and fundamentals of all medicine that is commonly practiced at this time.

I’ll be here,
-Dr. Neal

©2011 “The Epidemic Misconception of “Rosacea” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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  1. Darren Elkins Says:


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Dr. Neal’s Emotional Transformation

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

For those of you I’ve never met in person, there is now a short introduction video clip on the About Dr. Neal page:

Screen shot 2011-03-31 at 4.26.04 PM_2_3

My skin feels great today. It’s not just that it looks alright. The sensation of heaviness, itchiness, heat, bumps, and irritation has been removed. Like removing a thorn from a paw, the physical catharsis feels incredible. For those of you who know me from the former office, you’ll quickly notice my first beard in 35 years. This transformation of feeling ultra-clean while growing facial hair seemed an impossibility a few years ago. Whenever the 48 hour mark of not shaving would come around, my face would get uncontrollably oily and the resulting irritation and bumps would be unbearable. It was yet another great journey of life I avoided due to my skin. I’m happy to say that this inhibition is gone and my face feels completely comfortable with the beard. The freedom and level of control is hard to believe sometimes.

term paper writing help net You may be wondering why I keep showing my surf videos on an acne practice site…

It relates to the conversation above. While battling with my own skin for the past 20 years, I found myself avoiding many situations that would send me over the edge.

dissertation analysis chapter Here are some of the things I used to unconsciously and consciously avoid in an effort to maintain a reasonable level of control in my life:

the beach (suntan lotion, sweat, and humidity was quite a stress test)

skiing (sweat and goggles, hats, and neck warmers caused trouble for me)

any outdoor activity like a barbeque, outdoor party, or gathering. (the humidity or the cold would cause my angry skin to act up)

any sun exposure (due to direct discomfort of inflamed skin)

daytime socializing in general. (outside weather of all types would cause facial discomfort)

It wasn’t exactly the most chill existence…, 20 years of it on and off in varying degrees. Come to think of it now, it was a living hell inherently. But as a very resilient and optimistic person, I developed many methods and tactics to cope with the discomfort of life. One of those was to recklessly throw myself into projects and work. The classic workaholic is someone who immerses themselves in their passionate work partially to escape the pain of the world outside of work. In my case, the pain was a day off. The idea of taking a stroll in the park on a day off sounded like a day to be reminded that my skin was tingling, red, flushing, and angry. It was the perfect setup for imbalance, a life of stress and disease, and an existence that would surely have been riddled with deep regret if not corrected.

While running from aggravating circumstances, I found myself not eager to get to the beach or to the mountain ever. This lack of desire was in absolute contrast to my childhood and looking back, was a clear sign that my health was not in balance. The idea of blazing my already inflamed skin with sun and lotion was just not worth the pain of both the day’s discomfort and the inevitable aftermath of oil and bumps. Simply put, it wasn’t worth the consequence and I made unconscious and conscious decisions to avoid some of the best things in life. For example, a stroll outside on a sunny day…

enter So here’s the story of transformation:

I’m no longer inhibited. I’m not scared of suntan lotions, and not scared of the sun. I’m not avoiding outdoor activities in any way and can control my skin in all environments with efficient efforts. While there is no cure for anything chronic, now that my mind has eased and my skin feels comfortable, I feel that I am “cured”

This video below represents my newly found celebration of life as a person who is no longer punished by enjoying a beautiful day outside in the water. I live without fear or inhibition. I’m currently working on a new video tutorial project to ensure that no one else ever needlessly suffers and avoids life like I did.

(just started surfing a few years ago. try full screen)

It’s been a wild journey.
I hope this blog helps others observe their own emotional reactions to the challenges of life.
-Dr. Neal

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  1. Austin Says:

    Dr. Neal,
    i’m having acne problems myself. im 14 and ive tried EVERYTHING except injections and stuff like that. i would really love your help.

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Sensitive Eyes and Acne?

Saturday, October 30th, 2010


My hope is that many people will show this next video to both their dermatologist and their ophthalmologist.

Chronic acne is not just about bumps. There are many things going on with the skin and the surrounding structures. Many people with this irritating condition complain of eye itchiness, discomfort, sensitivity, tearing, a tired look, discolored lids and under eye area, and sometimes even incapacitating stinging. Acne patients will often times not make the corrolation that this eye problem is related to the chronic condition on their face and seek an eye specialist. Here’s the problem:

Most eye specialists are not experts of oily, dry, or acne prone skin and will attempt to treat the eye alone without noticing the rest of the face is activated. This type of experience causes regular acne patients to take home misdiagnoses of ocular rosacea, dry eyes, foreign bodies, or any other diagnosis that slightly fits the presentation of uncomfortable eyes.

Once in a while, a clever ophthalmologist will recognize the oil on the face combined with the thickened lids and correctly diagnose the patient with seborrheic dermatitis of the eyelids. However, when it comes to chronic condtions, the correct diagnosis is not the tough part. Treatment of seb derm (oily thickened skin) is far more tricky than the recognition of it.

These patients will typically go home with the proper diagnosis and several ways to remove the thick flakes and oil from their eyelids in an attempt to get comfortable eyes. It will alleviate many patient’s symptoms but leave others with a partial band-aid that never really makes it to the threshold of comfort.

I lived with uncomfortable eyes for about a decade, sometimes so sensitive that a moment of sunlight would cause a blinding sting and tearing. It’s uncomfortable and distracting from any normal social interaction. If you are panicked without your sunglasses like I was, consider you may have a little irritation of your eyelids. Here’s the interesting part:

When you control the rest of the acne and oil on the face, the eyelids will follow. This next video shows an amazing example of how when you fix a person’s skin activity, the eyes can heal up completely. (we did not use any special eye treatment in this case. They become less inflamed as his face began to heal)

Please show this video to your ophthalmologist and your dermatologist if you have ever suffered from acne and are now dealing with sensitive eyes. Your doctor can call me anytime.

(the full screen button is in the lower right corner)

©2010 “Sensitive Eyes and Acne?” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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