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Acne Bootcamp 4.0 has Arrived!


The next level of this niche practice begins today.

I will be making over 150 short tutorial videos that will be delivered via email as needed in the program. In the meantime, for speed during the transition, I will be using 150 voice memos to quickly help adjust your program to perfection each day of bootcamp.

Here’s the details of the next level:

-New site, now mobile friendly (finally)

-Prior videos were too long and cumbersome.

-Prior tests were too difficult, we’re going to learn one small lesson per day to master the process.

-Prior analytics uploader was difficult to use, we are now using direct email for private photos.

-Speed of evaluation. Very quick emails with only one photo needed to get our pro evaluation.

-User friendly mission in general. We have been sitting on a real solution for this condition for over 12 years but the delivery and ease of the system needed to fit into real time and real life. That is the specific mission of the 4.0 version of Acne Bootcamp.

Mobile, direct email, quick one lesson videos daily, ease of use, it’s on!

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