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What is Flavor Fasting??

Here’s the story:

I write prescriptions for cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure pills all day to lovely people who are wasting time and money on these remedies. The solution for problems of our metabolism is simply to lose our belly fat. All of it.

It’s basic physics, but due to our emotions, stretched stomachs, and cultural habits, it’s never as easy as it seems. What we need are emotional and social tricks to alter lifetime habits that are bringing predictable messy outcomes.

I promised myself this year that I will not write another ridiculous prescription for Atorvastatin, Metformin, or Lisinopril until I start working on a project that can really tap into what's possible for human metabolic transformation. We need a trick and method that works WITH the flow of our current American culture rather than a method that bucks it and doesn’t allow less motivated people to even give it a try.

Today I present to you a dietary approach for the everyday person. Interestingly, the results are often highly potent and dramatic. You’ll be surprised. :)

Here's our first progress report from a friend that was NOT interested in any type of diet, transformation, or change of any sort. I asked him to give it a try as “an experiment”.

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